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custom outdoor kitchen
custom outdoor kitchen with granite and ledge stone in miami florida with built in Alfresco infrared gas grill, double side burner and sear burner.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DCS gas grill parts and grilling recipes at:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunbeam Gas BBQ and Replacement Grill Parts

A company with a bright name, Sunbeam manufactures some of the top barbecue grills available. For a century, the American company has been producing various home appliances, including barbecue grills. Before choosing a particular Sunbeam product, make sure to know which replacement parts would be required. Here are some of the most common ones: 
1. Full-size or portable grills.
While Sunbeam produces various full-size grills, they also manufacture a variety of portable grills. Portable grills provide the same taste and health benefits as those from standard grills, but with greater convenience. The portable grills from Sunbeam are "open" grills that you can easily place on a countertop or flat surface indoors. Whether you have a full-size or portable Sunbeam grill, it's crucial to know the model number of the unit when searching for replacement parts. Without this information, finding such parts could become quite challenging.  
2. Electric or gas grills.
Obviously, the mechanisms of electric and gas grills differ. That means that the types of replacement parts needed will also differ. The mechanisms of electric grills will be more complicated, but does that make them better? It really depends on how you define "better". If you're looking for a grill that delivers convenience, then an electric grill would likely be your best choice. However, this convenience can become an inconvenience if you do outdoor grilling where there isn't an electrical outlet in sight.  
Grilling purists may also find that electric grills deviate from the roots of grilling. For them, the essence of grilling is in the use of charcoal and gas. Many grilling enthusiasts couldn't imagine firing up a grill by plugging it in. For them, there's no substitute for installing gas tanks and enjoying the smoky taste of foods grilled over burning charcoal.  
3. Contact grills.                                   
This is another type of grill from Sunbeam, which requires replacement parts that differ from other types of Sunbeam grills. Contact grills are perfect when you want to do some quick grilling for a small number of people. Closing the lid of this type of grill helps to cook the food faster than on a traditional full-size or portable barbecue grill. Yet contact grills still provide the health benefits of grilling, with features such as drip trays to reduce the amount of fat created when operating the contact grills.  
4. Kettle grills.
These grills include a dome-shaped cover that allows the meat inside to cook quickly yet thoroughly. This is known as "convection" cooking. With kettle grills, the grill constantly circulates heat throughout the grill. This differs from other grills that include a standard lid. With kettle grills, you can be assured that the meat will be cooked evenly. That's not always guaranteed with traditional grills, as the outside of the meat tends to be cooked more than the inside. Various grills from Sunbeam provide this convention cooking benefit via their kettle construction.    
5. Reversible plate.
This is the perfect feature for portable Sunbeam grill, if you want to do more than grilling. These plates are two plates in one. One side is a grill plate that allows you to grill burgers, kebabs, and other tasty items. Flip over the reversible plate, and then use the flat plate to prepare eggs, pancakes, and so on. The main benefit of the reversible plate is convenience. Whether you're at home or on the road, there's no need to use both a grill and pan. Also, the reversible grill makes cleanup much easier.  
6. Non-stick cooking surface.
Washing grills that lack this feature can be a pain-in-the-neck. If you've ever grilled before then you know that the grilling surface can be a disaster if it doesn't have an effective non-stick coating on it. Grilling surfaces with this feature will cost more, but are definitely worthwhile. Non-stick surfaces will decrease your cleanup time. You won't need to soak the grid for hours, before scrubbing away at stuff sticking to the grid. Owning a grill with this feature will also reduce the need to replace the grid in the future. Ultimately, you'll save a ton of time, money, and energy.  
Choosing a particular type of grill from Sunbeam will require you to secure the right replacement parts when they're needed. So choose a model carefully before knowing which parts you could require.

Monday, June 21, 2010

maximize summer pleasure!

Gas grill replacement parts for repair and better grilling this summer.

Infrared gas grilling at high searing heat.
Gas Grill Replacement Parts online from South Florida in a New Store!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Burner

Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Burners:

A large barbeque grill manufacturer recently re-designed their entire line of barbecues as a way to differentiate the often-copied line but also to save money in manufacturing.  Many less expensive barbecues advertise “304 stainless” when the majority of the product is a much less expensive 400 series stainless. Spending less adds more profit and to compete many barbeque grills are cheapening their models.  Generally the first grill parts that need replacement are inside the firebox where heating, cooling, rain, bugs and grease create a harsh environment, pre-maturely ruining the BBQ grill parts directly involved in the grilling process.  Replacing cooking grates, heat tray shields, flavor bars, briquettes and lava rock grids is relatively simple.  Gravity holds these items in place.  The barbeque burners are probably the most important and definitive grill parts necessary for effective fun outdoors and are not so simple to replace.

There are a great variety of BBQ grill burners in production throughout the backyard of America.  Designs are based on efficiency: to produce more grilling heat, to produce less  heat for convection barbecuing or designed for more or less even of heat.  The overall method of heating can effect the longevity of the burners and the quality of materials can effect the burners but either way, at some point many backyard grillers have been faced with the option of replacing BBQ grill gas burners or replacing – and re-learning the nuances of -- a new grill.
To keep you barbeque burners working longer without replacing these grill parts, clean them more often.  Some heat shields, lava grids and cooking grates should not be cleaned often.  The porcelain protective coating is slowly cleaned away and the grill parts rust.  Gas grill burners are almost never coated the same way.  Although most barbeque grill companies have made the switch to stainless, many have not and many use a much cheaper stainless no more durable than cheap steel.  Try to schedule a deep cleaning every three months.  I am in a lot of backyards as a designer and I’ve noticed many clients schedule backyard maintenance every three or four months.  Replace mulch, reseal tile countertops, clean the deck, etc.  Make the barbeque a part of your schedule.  Remove the cooking grates, heat shields or lava grid to access the burners.  Us ing a good non-toxic de-greaser spray the burners lightly and scrub them hard.  On real 304 stainless, I actually use a light sandpaper.  Check the ports (the little holes where the gas comes out) and ensure there is no blockage.  If there is some blockage, degreaser and scrubbing will normally dislodge the grease otherwise poke it out with a pin.  Ignite the barbeque grill and make sure you can see the flames evenly along the gas grill burners.  Gas flames should be blue with a slight tip of orange.  This should tell you if the grill burner ports are clean and clear or if more attention is necessary.

When gas grill burners need to be replaced check availability of BBQ grill parts for the model.  Sometimes it is possible to replace grill parts with better quality replacements than the manufacturers parts.  Most gas grill burners are attached to the firebox with a clip or a bolt.  Find the attachment to remove the burner by lifting the back of the burner furthest away from the control panel.  Continue to lift the rear of the burner while sliding it away from the control panel.  Sliding the burner away from where the cook would stand allows the burner to safely move out of the BBQ firebox while sliding safely off the gas orifice on the end of the control valve.  Installing the new gas grill burner works the opposite.  I usually find the orifice with my finger first because it is not visible inside the firewall of the control area.  Slide the burner onto the orifice and then bring the back end flat to meet whichever attachment will hold the gas burner in place.

Light the grill to inspect the flame pattern before installing the heat shields, lava grids, cooking grate, etc.  The burner should have an even distribution of flames, blue with a slight orange tip.  If the burner is not burning evenly, turn it off and reinstall the burner paying close attention to fitting the venturi onto the orifice.  If the burner is mounted incorrectly the gas will not flow into the burner properly and often gas flames will burn in the control area ruining the electrode ignition wires and gas seals.  Those grill parts are much more expensive and time consuming to repair so test the installation to catch the mistake immediately.

If the flames on the burner are not primarily blue with orange tips, this should also be adjusted.  The venturi, where it fits on to the valve orifice has a wind vent for adjusting the ratio of gas and oxygen mixed in the burner to ignite.  Properly adjust the wind vent by removing the control panel.  Removing the control panel will involve removing the control knobs and taking out a few screws.  With the faceplate removed, the wind vent is accessible while the burner is installed and burning.  Safely ignite the burner and let it burn for two minutes.  Open the air shutter until the flames appear to lift off, or appear to burn without touching the burner.  Slowly close the vent until the flame return to the burner and burn blue with yellow tips.  Replace the control panel making sure to re-attach any ignition wires that may have been removed when taking the plate off.

The gas barbeque grill burners are the engine of your gas BBQ grill.  If the ignition stops functioning, there are safe ways to light the grill.  If the lava grids falls apart, you can still barbecue but will have varying heat across the cooking grate surface.  If the burners do not properly burn you will be ordering pizza.  Take care of the gas grill burners, maintain them while they are in use and replace the burners when necessary.  If there is anything you are unsure of or uncomfortable with, call a gas grill technician licensed to work on your barbeque grill parts.

Monday, April 5, 2010

NexGrill replacement parts

NexGrill Replacement Parts for repairing Jenn Air, Char-Broil,Charmglow, Brinkmann, Members Mark, Kirkland, Sam's Club barbeques, Turbo and a lot more!!  Nexgrill imports many of the barbecue grills we have been buying and grilling with for the past seven years.  Find your bbq grill replacement parts by searching for the brand or go to Nexgrill repair parts Now.

Contact at the telephone number above for additional assistance.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get grill replacement parts to repair your bbq

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kenmore BBQ Grill Replacement Parts and Barbeques

Kenmore Barbeque Grill Replacement Parts to Repair Sears BBQ.

According to Kenmore:
  • Kenmore® is the number one player in the appliance industry.
  • More people buy Kenmore than any other brand.
  • Kenmore's market share is extraordinary -- 50 percent higher than its closest competitor.
  • Kenmore knows today's homeowners want convenience along with style, ergonomic design and ease of use: stainless steel refrigerators that provide ice and filtered water through-the-door, ranges with sensors that control the cleaning process, dishwashers with anti-bacterial cycles, microwave ovens that cook with waves of radio frequency and washing machines that fluff clothes at the end of the cycle.
  • Kenmore appliances are available exclusively through Sears' 870 full-line department stores and retail outlets.
  • Kenmore is the best known name in appliances.
  • It is ranked one or two in every major appliance category. 
For sure this is a bit of hyperbole but Kenmore has been selling barbeque grills in the low priced market for a very, very long time.  There are thousands of models for Kenmore barbecues and the parent company sells, ships or markets many other models not commonly associated with the Kenmore or Sears grill branding.

Kenmore barbeque grill replacement parts for repair are available for all models of gas BBQ grill through the years including:

Kenmore replacement cooking grate for Kenmore bbq grill models: 119.16231, BQ06W1B, 119.1623, 162300, BQ06WIC

Replacement gas barbecue grill burner for Charbroil models and similar Kenmore model 415.1542 and 1542 gas barbeque grills.

Electrode mounts above Kenmore gas grill burner to ignite bbq grill.  replacement electrode can be used with multiple models of Kenmore bbqs.

Kenmore bbq grill replacement burner including Sears and Kenmore models: 176400, 173379, 173372, 168600, 166400, 157991, 157990, 157981, 157980, 157951, 157950, 157941, 157940, 157902, 157901, 157900, 156400, 155401, 155400, 153373, 153372, 153371, 152271, 17860, 17337, 17227, 15401,15337, 15227, 1654, 1554 and all of the 141. model grill parts.


Kenmore BBQ  grill replacement warming rack fits models: 415.16206, 16206 and many others.

This replacement H burner fits hundreds of Kenmore gas bbq grill models including:  22400, 22402, 22420, 22422, 22429, 22430, 22432, 22439, 22442, 22449, 22452, 22459, 22462, 22469, 2347630, 2347631, 2347650, 2347651, 2347660, 2347661, 2347670, 2347671, 258. and hundreds of others

In 1927, Kenmore first appeared on a Sears laundry appliance, an agitator type, wringer washing machine. By 1936, Sears had already sold 1 million Kenmore laundry items. Its popularity hasn’t slipped. 

The first appearance of the Kenmore brand washing machine almost escaped notice. The Kenmore washing machine did not show up in the venerable Sears catalog that year, and no known photograph of the 1927 washing machine with a Kenmore brand on it exists. The origin of the name Kenmore is equally vague.  One suggestion is that Kenmore came from Kenmore Avenue, a prominent street in Chicago.
With nearly 99 percent of urban homes wired for electricity by the end of the 1920s, Sears recognized the huge untapped market in household appliances. To reach this market Sears offered a wide assortment of Kenmore appliances.

After the Second World War, Sears helped revolutionize home dйcor with the introduction of the Kenmore Harmony House line of appliances. Kenmore Harmony House appliances featured the latest designs and technology for washing machines, dryers, and ranges. These appliances came in bright colors including Sunshine Yellow, Malibu Coral, Aquamarine, and the standard white finish.

Over the decades new Kenmore products reflected consumer demand. Kenmore dishwashers, garbage disposals, and trash compactors joined ranges, washing machines and dryers. Kenmore added countertop appliances to the product mix.  The Kenmore product line included everything from sunlamps, and electric baby bottle sterilizers, to vacuum cleaners, and electric blankets. Sears also sold a Kenmore 3-piece barber set and hair clippers, and a Lady Kenmore electric shaver. In 1977 Sears put the Kenmore brand name on refrigerators.

Current Kenmore Barbeque Grill models include:

    Model. 464324909.
Color, sophistication, and style - this grill has it all. This new kenmore grill provides a look that will add to your outdoor room. 680 square inches of cooking area for all your cooking needs. An additional covered sideburner adds versatility while maintaining valuable shelf space. Grilling at night is no problem with 2 built in halogen lights. Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, warming rack, lid, and firebox. Enclosed cart with 2 fron doors, shelf mounted tool/towel bar, adds to the convenience and style. Electronic ignition and premium temperature gauge. LP tank not included. Accepts Grill Cover # 15868/15871.

    Model: 720-0679R
    Three 3 burner gas grill with side burner. 587.5 sq. in total cooking area. Cast iron porcelain cooking grids. Stainless steel burners. Electronic ignition. Glossy Red porcelain finished. Timer and bottle opener attached. Accepts Grill Cover # 15868/1571.

The perfect grill for those wanting to create their own custom outdoor kitchen or update an existing one. With 875 sq. in. of total cooking area and four stainless steel burners generating 60,000 BTU's, entertaining large gatherings will be easy. Also features infrared searing burner and infrared back burner along with heavy-duty stainless steel grates.

Kenmore Elite 61,500 BTU LP gas grill with 3 stainless tube burners, 13,500 BTU Searzzler™ infra-red side burner, 12,000 BTU infra-red back burner with rotisserie, grill lights, electronic ignition, Therma Core™ stainless grids and 875 sq. in. total grill area. Gas tank not included. Accepts Grill Cover # 15870/15873.
This module is part of the Kenmore Elite Build Your Own Island program. Mix and match modules (sold separately) to create many combinations. Grill Module offers 3 stainless tube burners, 13,500 BTU Searzzler™ infra-red side burner, 12,000 BTU infra-red back burner with rotisserie, grill lights, electronic ignition, Therma Core™ stainless grids and 875 sq. in. total grill area. Independent cooking zones allow rotisserie, direct and indirect cooking.

Model 464722309.
Kenmore 2 burner LP gas grill with side burner and exclusive pull out tool storage.
This Kenmore gas grill will help keep your tools organized. The Kenmore exclusive pull out tool storage basket provides convenience while grilling and storing. The Kenmore new arch cooking system provides enhanced performance for all your grilling events. Ignition is fast and hassle free with the one touch electronic ignition. Comes with a versatile 8,000 BTU side burner with lid. Full front panel hides the tank and enhances the look. LP tank not included. Accepts Grill Cover # 15868/15871.

Model 464261709.
A 100% infrared cooking system helps prevent flare ups so you don't have to worry about burning your food again! Features three cooking grate temperature gauges located along the front panel. 36,000 BTU with 13,000 BTU Side Burner.

Model: 464324709.
Color, sophistication, and style - this grill has it all. This new Kenmore grill provides a look that will add to your outdoor room. 680 square inches of cooking area for all your cooking needs. An Additional covered sideburner adds versatility while maintaining valueable shelf space. Grilling at night is no problem with 2 built in halogen lights. Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, warming rack, lid and firebox. Enclosed cart with 2 front doors. Shelf mounted tool/towel bar adds to the convenience and style. Electronic ignition and premium temperature gauge. LP tank not included. Accepts Grill Cover # 15868/15871.

Model: 720-0650A.
5 burner gas grill with 13,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner, searing side burner and 2 lights. 832 sq. in. total cooking area. Fully welded stainless steel hood. Cast iron porcelain cooking grids. Stainless steel main burners plus wire steel mesh rotisserie burner and ceramic side sear burner. Electronic ignition. 2 utility drawers plus tank pull-out tray. 2 halogen lights, timer and bottle opener attached. Accepts Grill Cover #15869/15872

Model: 810-0010.
5 burner gas grill with rotisserie burner, searing side burner, refrigerator & 2 lights. 832 sq. in total cooking area. Stainless steel wrapped cooking grids. Stainless steel main burners plus ceramic rotisserie burner and ceramic side sear burner. Electronic ignition. Built-in 46 Liter Refrigerator. 2 utility drawers plus tank pull-out tray. 2 halogen lights and bottle opener attached. Accepts Grill Cover # 15869/15872.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunbeam Gas BBQ Grill Parts

Sunbeam BBQ Grill Replacement Parts for Barbeque Repair by

Sunbeam BBQ Grill Replacement Parts

There are over 15,000 models of Sunbeam barbecue grills in existence.  At we stock the replacement grill parts for all the Sunbeam barbecue models so you can keep the old grill grilling.

This list of gas grill replacement parts for Sunbeam barbeques is incomplete but will give an idea of the Sunbeam BBQ replacement parts available at for immediate shipping.
H burners are used widely with Sunbean barbeque grills.  Each of these H burners are used on a dozen different model of Sunbeam grill with different sizes and shape of venturi connecting the gas burner to the valves and gas.  H burners are also used by charmglow, kalamazoo, charbroil and literally hundreds of other barbeque manufacturers.  These three H burner BBQ grill replacement parts not only fit many Sunbeam models but also hundreds of other barbeque grill parts all over America's backyards.  If you are unsure which burner is right for you, measure it and visit is at to find out for sure.

Sunbeam replacement grill parts for all sunbeam models includes all manner of burner.  Gas grill repair burners are available for all Sunbeam models through the years as manufacturing was mixed with charbroil, thermos and overseas.

Sunbeam replacement heat shield.

Sunbeam replacement warming rack.

Sunbeam cast iron oval replacement gas burner.

Sunbeam heat shield replacement grill parts.

Sunbeam barbeque briquette and lava rock replacement grid.

Like burners, other Sunbeam grill replacement parts also have a lot of variation.  There are as many cooking grates for Sunbeam barbeque grills as there are models of Sunbeam, as well as the charbroil and thermos brands that overlap Sunbeam replacement grill parts.

Sunbeam Cooking grates fit many models of grill.  Although Sunbeam has bundreds of replacement bbq grill repair parts available, this is very small when the amount of Sunbeam models is considerd.  There are over 15,ooo Sunbeam model of grill from the past several decades.  I do not suggest you spend much time on this list but go to to find the one that is right for you:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Charmglow grill parts repair and replacement through the years