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Monday, January 24, 2011

Brinkmann barbecue grills and gas grill replacement parts.

Anyone who loves meat has, to some degree or other, a great passion for barbeques, and many consider it a true hobby. Being one of the most simple ways of cooking great meat, and having a distinctive smoky flavor, barbeques are a favorite pastime in the hot summer sundays. It should be no surprise that the popularity of brands like Brinkmann rose exponentially in the last decades and it still grows strong regardless of manufacturing changes, model differences and gas grill replacement parts.

Brinkmann gas bbq grill parts.

The Brinkmann society has its foundation in Dallas, Texas. For over thirty years it has been the preferred choice of many American families because of their basic qualities that made it famous: its easiness to use, the price tag and the versatility.

Not always more is better. Sometimes we just want to spend a Sunday morning cooking meat instead of trying to understand how to do it: most of the barbeque users, in fact, just want a grill to barbeque meat and very little else. Brinkmann barbeques are from this point of view, the epitome of simplicity. No useless features, just a plain barbeque that everyone can start using right away, enjoying the great smell of cooking meat. But simplicity must not be linked to low quality. The Brinkmann society is so proud of their barbeques they guarantees them for over two years. Unfortunately, these barbeques are not as durable as more expensive models but the company warranty will save you from bad surprises. 

Being as simple as it can get, the price is stripped down to bare bones. You cannot find a cheaper deal than Brinkmann barbeques. For example, you can buy a Brinkmann 4-Burner Gas model for just a little less than $200 with plenty of cooking surface space to barbecue. There is a Brinkmann 2-Burner model, that is priced just a little above $100. These most economic models have more difficulties concerning the cooking, and often require constant attention to avoid burning the meat. But it is just a small concerns and the price tag is so low that it can be considered a bargain.

Of course, if you want a more professional feel for your cooking platform, you can check out more expensive models. For example, the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Smoker, with a $500 price tag, adds even more taste and fullness to your meat, and helps control cooking of the meat. Brinkmann aims to make anyone who wishes to barbeque the perfect experience, from the most demanding customer to the most simple one.

But on one point the Brinkmann Barbeques have a value that makes everyone happy: the particular smoky flavour they give to the meat. Many customers love its taste so much, and say that is very peculiar of this particular kind of barbeques. And everyone who enjoys a good piece of meat cannot deny its wonderful taste when cooked on a Brinkmann Barbeque.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this list! A good selection of pits. I'm eye'ing one of the Klose grill/smoker combos :p

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