custom outdoor kitchen

custom outdoor kitchen
custom outdoor kitchen with granite and ledge stone in miami florida with built in Alfresco infrared gas grill, double side burner and sear burner.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Built In Alfresco Infrared gas grill running on propane with a fullly loaded custom outdoor kitchen.

Custom grill island - another happy customer.

This custom outdoor kitchen is finished with cultured dry stacked ledge stone and a beautifully flowing custom granite slab.  The built in barbecue grill island has bar-heaight seating along the long side and counter height seating and/or serving on the smaller counter in the fore ground of this image.
We not only built in the LX2 infrared alfresco gas grill but we also have a refrigerator, drop-in ice bin cooler, multi range-top the size of a normal ovens' range and an under mounted sink with an extended faucet.  There are several built in access doors and drawers and under the grill those are cubby holes lined with granite.  
Cubby holes are very convenient because plates, spices, bowls, cups, napkins and anything else can be easily grabbed and replaced while cooking, eating, serving, etc.  Like an extra counter top space that does not use counter top space the cubby holes are completely "finished" inside so a simple wipe with a sponge or squirt with a garden hose cleans them.
The Alfresco gas grill is probably the best gas grill on the planet right now.  Alfresco revolutionized infrared gas grill burners and are popular among many well-known commercial kitchens where the "perfectly grilled steak" has to be served exactly on-time twenty-five times a night.
In your backyard the LX2 Alfresco has the ability to barbecue at low temperatures, use a built in smoker drawer for added wood-smoke flavors and the infrared gas grill burner can grill at direct temperatures above one-thousand degrees within a minute of turning the grill on.

The amazing heat was originally invented as the TEC infrared grill burner which pressurizes gas in the lower housing in order to burn natural gas or propane exponentially hotter than any other barbecue burner.  Infrared grill burners are becoming more common since TEC invented the burner over 20 years ago but no body makes a better product than Alfresco in the new LX2 models.

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