custom outdoor kitchen

custom outdoor kitchen
custom outdoor kitchen with granite and ledge stone in miami florida with built in Alfresco infrared gas grill, double side burner and sear burner.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

outdoor kitchen grill island design ideas

Here are a couple of outdoor kitchens we have built recently. We built most of our outdoor kitchens on site. Building on site allows us to compensate for the pitch of a deck or a leaning wall or column. Also, by building on site the space becomes perfectly filled with no small gaps in between the grill island and a wall, floor, etc. Gaps are where bugs and mold hide to slowly destroy any structure.

We have been helping customers design and build outdoor kitchens and bars for over twenty years so I could max out my memory settings here on blogger within a few minutes. If you would like to see more of our work or if you would like to send me some measurements to design something for you, please visit us at

A great looking marble backsplash. Like a lot of my customers since we started posting images online, this client brought me a picture of a unit we had built and said "I Want This". it is flattering that the images online inspire new designs. The grill here is a Capital which is a new line from the people who invented DCS a long long time ago before awesome grills were invented.

Please contact if you would like to see more images or ask us to help you with your own design. You can also visit our site at and our outdoor kitchen age at

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